About Us

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Treasure Race is an app-based excursion. One amazingly clever, highly interactive, technology-infused experience that’s designed to send teams on one heck of an adventure.

Imagine a weekend road trip with your favorite people, add in a series of Indiana Jones style clues, mix that with some unfamiliar terrain, and you have a Treasure Race. Critical thinking will be tested. Problem-solving skills will be required. And teams that unite and endure will be rewarded with more than just great stories to tell their grandchildren.

Treasure Race is, in fact, a race for treasure. Yes, really. More on that later but for now, let’s dive into how it all works.

  • Races are designed to engage teams in a multi-day adventure throughout a selected city, state or region. Each race will vary in size, duration and in total number of miles traveled, so teams should be prepared for unpredictable circumstances.
  • There is no official starting line. Each team will determine a starting location convenient for all team members. The race will have a specific starting time on the date of your selected race. Some races will be held over multiple days, if the race you are running is more than one day, the race will pause at a specific time of day and restart the next morning. Please check your race description in the app to verify the starting time and pausing times. MOST races that take more than one day will pause at 9 pm.  
  • Each race is divided into five regions, with each region containing a set of clues of differing point values. Teams will independently select the region in which they prefer to begin the race; we recommend starting in the region where your team is located. Once a region is selected, your team will be restricted to that region until all clues have been answered. We mean it. There is no way to back out of a region. A region is considered complete once 20,000 points have been earned. 
  • Clues will have multiple parts, or sub-clues. These sub-clues will be prompted on the app as your team reaches specific checkpoints, or as correct answers are entered. Sub-clues are considered a part of the main clue and do not net points. Points are only awarded once a clue is solved in its entirety. 
  • If at any time a clue cannot be solved, a team may opt to abort the region. Aborting a clue will launch a “Goose Chase,” sending the team in pursuit of alternate locations and substitute tasks. This will waste a lot of time in replacement of the original clue. Once the Goose Chase is completed, the remaining clues for that region will be unlocked. At that point, you can select your next clue and continue the race. Each team is only allowed one Goose Chase per region so use it wisely.
  • Once a team completes all five regions and earns 100,000 points, the “X” region will be unlocked and the final clue will be revealed. The first team to solve this final clue will receive the treasure.